Mustard Seed Rewards –

Mustard Seed Rewards

Introducing Mustard Seed Rewards

We invite you to become a Mustard Seed Rewards Program member TODAY, and start earning “mustard seeds” to be redeemed for many exciting rewards! It also provides an opportunity to GIVE BACK and join us in making a difference in our community! Best of all, it’s FREE to join!  Simply ask your server or signup here!
Created to reward and show appreciation to our most loyal and faithful friends of Grace 1720! Our leap of faith began 11 years ago and because of your friendship and generous support, we’re blessed to now be a cornerstone in the community. The Mustard Seed Reward Program is our way of saying thank you!


  • 1 Mustard Seed earned for every $1 spent.
  • Every 300 Mustard Seeds you will receive $20 deposited into your Mustard Seed Rewards account!
  • All $$ in your Mustard Seed Rewards account can be used when dining, buying gift cards, “Grace To Go” orders, you name it!
  • Check your Mustard Seed Rewards account balance here or simply ask your Server.


Happy Birthday – one complimentary dessert and 50% off entree with reservations (24 hour notice)
Happy Anniversary – one complimentary dessert and 50% off all bottles of wine with reservations (24 hour notice)
Priority Seating at all times (patio included)
10% discount on all gift card purchases
Invitations to exclusive Grace 1720 events
And so much more!


An underlying mission of Grace 1720 has been to always give back and make a difference. You now have the option to join us in this endeavor by using your “mustard seed” $$ in your rewards account. Simply choose one of our local charity partners and your “mustard seeds” will be donated to help shine light and touch lives in our community!  Call or email and we’ll make it happen!

Thank you for your loyal support!  All things are possible
with the faith of a mustard seed!

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